Chelsi Shikongo


AboutChelsi Shikongo

Chelsi Tashaleen Shikongo is an international model, creative and activist who hails from Namibia, Windhoek. Chelsi currently investing more time in creativity and stand performing originally produced sketches on Namibian girl humor on all platforms. Chelsi’s activist page is  at i_can_say_no__ on Instagram.  Chelsi started stand up comedy in Cape Town  with an  own skit that became surprisingly very popular. Chelsi considers the sketches to be a brand and are delivered in mostly indigenous language spoken in Namibia and South Africa called Afrikaans. Chelsi is an activist committed to dismantling patriarchy and fighting for equality. Chelsi started  a sex education inclusive empowerment campaign to build confidence and self esteem. Chelsi’s modeling career started in Capetown with Boss Models through a competition that was running on Facebook. Chelsi has spent the best 4 years of life traveling the world working. Chelsi is currently back home in Namibia because of the Covid-19 pandemic.