Voices of Hope, Courage & Resilience

The inaugural Artfluence Human Rights Festival with a focus on arts, constitution and democracy is.

Voices of Hope, Courage and Resilience is the theme for the inaugural Artfluence Human Rights festival presented by the Centre for Creative Arts in partnership with the Embassy of the Netherlands. The Festival marks the 25th anniversary of the Centre for Creative Arts as a vibrantly creative enabler and advocate for social justice and democracy, as well as the  25th anniversary of the adoption of the South African Constitution.

The Artfluence Human Rights Festival aims to strengthen the link with the arts and civil society, active citizenship and politics through a series of arts events and arts-based webinars, featuring South African and international artists. by creating a dedicated virtual space to share, celebrate, remember, explore, provoke and promote how the arts contribute to a culture of human rights.

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The Centre for Creative Arts upholds Freedom of Expression and Freedom of Creativity as guaranteed in Section 16 of the South African Constitution. The Centre for Creative Arts recognises that artists may sometimes live and work in States whose values may not always be in accordance with the values of the South African Constitution but the Centre for Creative Arts commits to protect and advance the rights of any artist who freely chooses to participate in the Centre’s festivals where their voices and artistic expressions can contribute to building a better world for all people.