Dean Hutton


AboutDean Hutton

Dean Hutton is a genderqueer* trans media artist provoking dialogue about the gaze, queer bodies, love and social justice. A.K.A. Goldendean, they have worked across photojournalism, print, digital, video and social media, performance and community action since the late 1990s. Their strategy of simple,  often improvised actions by a “Fat Queer White Trans body” share moments of soft courage to affirm the right of all bodies to exist, to be celebrated and protected.

Their interdisciplinary practice bridges intersecting genres of documentary, fiction and fantasy, to produce radical queer counter narratives. As part of their teaching praxis, Goldendean is developing workshop processes that plan manifestos of action through collaborative practices of collage, culture jamming and the reorganising of familiar images to imagine collective visions and potential futures, embracing the unexpected, accepting the inevitability of compromise and failure – necessary chaos – as opportunities to renegotiate relationships and change.