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Shakespeare to Gaza

Shakespeare to Gaza is a humble artistic response to the genocide unfolding in Gaza. In November 2023, the ASHTAR Theatre in Ramallah put out a global call to artists to perform the Gaza Monologues written by their artists under siege. A searing monologue by Ali entitled From Gaza to Shakespeare is a deep yearning call for Shakespeare to ‘get up’ and inspire the people of Gaza at this time of darkness and despair. This performance is a response to this monologue. Our voices and bodies weaving together Shakespearian works with the Gaza Monologues as a motif of liberation and resistance.’


On November 29th, 2023 the International Day of Solidarity for the People of Palestine, African Artists Against Apartheid, Save our Sacred Lands, South African Jews For Palestine, and various San and Khoi leadership responded to this call with presentations.

These were performed at a ceremonial Olive Tree planting and cleansing ceremony at the Two Rivers Urban Park in Observatory, Cape Town in solidarity with Palestine. We aim to plant an Olive Tree at all the venues we perform to connect these spiritual nodal points as Apartheid Free Zones.

Shakespeare to Gaza, is a form of protest theatre drawing on the motif of liberation and resistance.

This is a decolonial, Pan African response by South African activist artists to the unfolding genocide, weaving together key historical moments reflected in Shakespearean text and extracts of the Gaza Monologues, while harnessing our intertwined spirit of liberation resistance against injustice in solidarity with Palestine.

As international human rights instruments struggle to intervene on a genocidal avalanche of brutality and injustice against Palestinians – and our collective humanity – perhaps less spoken about is how cultural and academic institutions, heritage sites, museums, and archives of memory have been decimated, and how artists, curators and academics are targeted and killed daily.


May 06 2024


7:30 PM - 9:00 PM